The name “September” comes from an old Roman word, “septem,” which actually means 7. That’s right – September was the seventh month of the year on the Roman calendar – It did not become the ninth month until the advent of the Gregorian calendar.  In modern times, it’s become synonymous with back-to-school, pumpkin spice, and the first month of the fall season. Read on the find out what Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County will be up to this month.

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Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County Homeownership ApplicationThe Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County Homeownership Application period opened August 1st. Applications are available online or at the Habitat Dutchess ReStore beginning August 1, and will be accepted between September 1, 2022 and October 1, 2022. If you would like to schedule either a Zoom or in-person appointment for help with your application, please visit our Application Appointment page to select a date and time that will work for you. A Habitat rep will contact you to confirm.

Grab a Homeownership Info Brochure here, or pick one up at the ReStore, located at Nine Mall Plaza, 1822 South Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590.

Please note that applications submitted after October 1, 2022 cannot be reviewed, saved or held for future consideration.

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Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess ReStoreThe Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County ReStore ReDo invites you to show off your creative talents in the Habitat Dutchess ReStore ReDo 2022 fundraiser! In this lively competition, we’re asking both novices and experienced Do It Yourself-ers (DIY-ers) to “re-do” or repurpose a designated item from the Habitat Dutchess ReStore. We’ll display the finished projects in our ReStore and on our social media—Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube—where visitors will be able to vote for their favorite. ReDo projects will also be put up for auction online, and all funds collected will go towards supporting the Habitat mission to build safe and financially sustainable housing in Dutchess County.


Registration for ReStore ReDo closes September 6. For adult registration, click here. For youth ReDo registration (up to age 12), click here.  You may also download the ReDo flyer for more details and dates. Once you are registered, visit the ReStore between September 6 amd September 10 to pick out your preferred item for repurposing! Habitat Dutchess has set aside a special collection of ReStore inventory for you to choose from, at no cost to you.  If you wish to buy additional items to use for your ReDo, the ReStore has good stuff at great prices! Store hours vary, so please check our ReStore page to find out the best times for you.

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The International Day of Charity was established to create awareness all around the world about the power and importance of helping others through volunteer and philanthropic activities. September 5th was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the passing away of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize recipient “for work undertaken in the struggle to overcome poverty and distress, which also constitute a threat to peace.” From helping to build new homes, to working with us to repair and refurbish existing homes and staffing our ReStore, Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County volunteers are the backbone of our operations, and at the heart of everything we do.  To learn more about volunteering with us, visit our volunteer information page.

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The mission of the National 9/11 Day of Service is to transform the annual remembrance of 9/11 into a worldwide day of unity and doing good. The Day encourages millions of people to remember and pay tribute through the spirit of unity and good deeds that help others and rekindle the extraordinary spirit of togetherness and compassion that arose in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy.  In this way, we remember 9/11 in a positive, helpful way, and keep our promise to “Never Forget.”  To learn more about the National 9/11 Day of Service, click here.  To learn about volunteer opportunities with Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County and how you can serve local communities, visit our volunteer information page.

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About Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County

Habitat for Humanity International was founded in 1976 on the conviction that everyone deserves a decent place to live. Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County is part of their global network, serving 11 areas throughout Dutchess County.

Since 1986 Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County has built 34 homes to provide a safe and financially sustainable place for families to call their own and has made more than 130 critical repairs and improvements for local homeowners, helping them to preserve their homes.

We believe that we’re stronger together, and that’s why we partner with local organizations to provide resources and outreach that assist eligible applicants in the home buying process and home maintenance and upkeep. We accomplish all of this through the hard work and dedication of our staff, our volunteers, our partners, and our donors. A special “thank you” goes out to all of them.