Trailer Drop Off Services

The trailer is available to be loaded with donated items for ReStore under the following terms:


To schedule use of the trailer, donors will call (845)297-7610 Ext 3, option 1 (Donation line).  Use of Trailer must be approved by ReStore Manager prior to scheduling.

Once the schedule is arranged, the donor must complete the following paperwork, please click below to review or print:


The trailer will be delivered to the Donor’s site by the ReStore Manager.

Upon delivery of the trailer, a walk-through will be conducted with driver & donor. Any issues will be noted.

Pick Up:

The trailer will be picked up by the ReStore Staff.

Upon pick up of the trailer, a walkthrough will be conducted with the driver & donor. Any issues will be noted.

It is the responsibility of the donor to make sure items are properly secured in the trailer.


  1. A $250 security deposit via credit card is required.
  2. A payment of $10 per day will be taken from your deposit within 24 hours of picking up the trailer. The remainder of your deposit will be less the daily fee will be released back to your card.
  3. However, the cost of all expenses reasonably incurred by Company to replace or restore the Trailer if it is damaged or missing parts and or the cost to dispose of any non-sellable items or furniture placed in the Trailer will be deducted from the deposit.

The trailer measures 19 ft length including the hitch and 9 ft 6 in height exterior. Interior measures 14 ft 6 in length, 7 ft 6 in wide, 6 ft 6 in height totaling 108 Square feet. Trailer equipment includes a ramp, straps, hand truck, and flat dolly.