What is the Team Up Project?

  • Team Up is a national campaign designed to empower communities to build connections across differences with others in their communities.
  • The Team Up Project is a collaboration of YMCA of the USA, Habitat for Humanity International, Catholic Charities USA, and Interfaith America.
  •  Team Up began as a part of the bipartisan United We Stand Summit at the White House in September 2022, which sought to counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and put forward a shared vision for a more united America.


What is Habitat Dutchess’ relationship to the Team Up Project?

  • Habitat Dutchess is one of 32 grantees across the US, selected for the pilot year of the Team Up Project, to implement new projects across the country that bring people together across differences and see what works.
  • Habitat Dutchess was chosen to participate, after a selective entrance application process.
  • The work done in Dutchess County will be shared with the Team Up national network, the expansive networks of the partner organizations and beyond, to serve as an example and inspiration to further bridgebuilding work within our organizations and beyond.
  • Habitat Dutchess is piloting an Inter-Faith project focusing on creating safe and sustainable homes for our Seniors.  Our work will primarily provide aging in place retrofits including handicap accessibility, mobility, and code violation assistance.  The project will engage small and large groups from many Faiths to work together to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our Seniors.   In all books of faith we share a common belief in how to treat our neighbors.  Share your beliefs with us and help us put “Gods” Love into action.   For with “God” at the center how can we go wrong?    


Why is this important?

  • In a polarized world where people are divided across differences, people need connections to build strong communities.
  •  It is through personal experiences of connection that people can learn to respect one another, relate to one another, and act for the common good of communities.


What is the future of the Team Up Project?

  • After our Pilot is evaluated, Team Up will continue to encourage, and scale bridgebuilding activities throughout all partner networks including through professional development opportunities and conference offerings.
  •  Team Up will tell real stories of people connecting across differences through all forms of national media.

How can you get involved?

  •  The Team Up Habitat Dutchess Project is asking ALL communities of Faith to reach out to our affiliate to become part of this life-changing project, contact us by calling us at 845 297 0806 opt 2 or emailing us at volunteers@habitatdutchess.org. Someone will return your call within 48 business hours.