Thank You for Donating to Habitat Dutchess ReStore

Remodeling, cleaning, down-sizing or just getting organized?

Whatever your project, don’t let the items you no longer need end up in your local landfill. ReStore of Habitat for Humanity of Dutchess County will divert tons of material from landfills each year, accepting hard-to-dispose-of items including new and used furniture, appliances, and surplus building materials. In many cases, pickup service is provided for large items.

The money raised by ReStore of Habitat Dutchess helps families build a decent and affordable place to call home. When the items you donate to ReStore are sold, the money helps families achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build a better future.

Items We Accept

APPLIANCES must be less than 10 years old, clean and in good working condition. We accept:

  • Microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Small appliances
  • Stoves (electric or gas)
  • Washers & dryers (electric or gas)
  • TVs – LED or LCD only. No tube or box TVs.
  • Dishwashers



We accept both kitchen and bathroom cabinets in sets or individual pieces, which must have no structural or water damage. All cabinets must be complete and contain all doors, drawers and knobs/handles. We are unable to accept individual wall oven cabinets. If the sink cabinet has water damage and you are able to salvage the face of the cabinet then a prospective buyer could always build a new box for the face frame.


Doors must be in good condition, with no rotted wood, broken glass or peeling paint. We are unable to accept doors over 84 inches tall. We can accept:

  • Exterior or interior doors (including French doors)
  • Exterior sliding or patio doors (please be assembled and complete with all jambs, tracks, and hardware. Individual sliding or patio door slabs will not be accepted.)
  • Pre-hung or slabs
  • Storm doors (must have all tracking)


Windows must be complete units with all sashes and frames and have no rotted wood, cracked or foggy glass. Must be double pane windows only. With the exception of some very large windows, all donated windows should include the sashes installed in the frames.


Lighting must be complete, in working order and in good condition. We accept:

  • Lamps, shades
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting (except fluorescent, canned or track lighting)


  • Baskets
  • Glassware, glasses, pitchers, vases
  • Pots & pans, bakeware
  • Dishes, silverware, utensils
  • Clean Tupperware and plastic storage containers
  • Canisters, cookie jars, tea pots

Gardening & Outdoors

  • Shovels, rakes, etc. (please, no broken items)
  • Hand tools
  • Pots, sprinklers


  • Framed Art
  • Picture frames
  • Wall hangings
  • Framed Mirrors


Plumbing items must be in excellent, clean condition with no chips, cracks, rust or water damage. We can accept:

  • New faucets (please be in original packaging, with all hardware and lead free)
  • Fiberglass bathtubs with no cracks
  • Pedestal and drop-in bathroom sinks
  • Stainless steel and porcelain kitchen sinks
  • Marble & granite countertops (No custom cuts or designs)
  • miscellaneous plumbing hardware


Must be free of stains, tears, excessive wear and animal smells or damage. We are able to accept:

  • Chairs
  • Loveseats
  • Ottomans
  • Recliners
  • Sofas (please no sofa beds or futons)


Must be free of stains, cracks, peeling or damaged finishes, excessive wear or animal damage. We are not able to accept box springs or mattresses or sofa beds due to New York State Law.  We can accept:

  • Clothes Armoires
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Book shelves
  • Chairs
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining room furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Wood furniture (in very good condition)
  • Outdoor & patio furniture
  • Futon Frame


  • Columns
  • Mantels
  • Stained and leaded glass windows


  • Area rugs (must be free from visible wear, tear, stains or animal smells or damage)
  • Carpet runners
  • Hardwood flooring (must have no splitting or cracking and must be at least 30 square feet in quantity)
  • Vinyl and ceramic tile (quantity must be at least 30 square feet, in excellent condition. No chipped, cut or broken pieces will be accepted. (Please call us for individual decisions on small quantities of vintage tile for repair or replacement in Victorian homes.)


  • Complete sets of door hardware, hinges, etc.
  • Any quantity of nails, screws, fasteners, hangers, connectors, etc.
  • Lumber (New & Unused)
  • Sheet goods (New & Unused)
  • Trim and molding (New & Unused)
  • New painting supplies


  • Residential electric items only. Donations of commercial electrical stock may not be accepted.


  • AC window units (in good working condition )
  • Hand and power tools (in good working condition)
  • Pallets of brick or glass brick
  • Shutters
  • Stone pavers
  • Wallpaper (packaged—NO remnants or partial rolls)
  • Wood stoves (free standing)
  • Vintage, antiques & silver
  • Craft items, unused candles
  • Luggage (clean and in good condition)
  • Jewelry
  • Décor
  • Flat screen TVS LED & LCD
  • Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, and Ellipticals.
  • Bicycles (Good and working condition)

Items We Do Not Accept

We Are Unable to Accept:

  • Baby furniture or baby items
  • Bedding, household linens (e.g. sheets, towels, drapes, curtains) or personal items
  • Books
  • Box springs and mattresses
  • Canned and track lights
  • Chemical solvents and strippers
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Open or partially used items of any sort
  • Sofa beds (or anything with a mattress)
  • Solvents or cleaning fluids
  • Toys or games or game systems unless vintage ( not for use with children)
  • Partial rolls of Wallpaper
  • Partial cans of paint
  • Heaters
  • Medical Items
  • CDs, Tapes, Vinyl Records
  • Clothing
  • Unframed Mirror glass
  • Shower doors
  • Carpet padding (must be 8 feet x 10 feet or larger with no visible stains or animal smells or damage)
  • Carpet remnants (size should be 4 feet x 8 feet or larger, and in excellent condition with no visible wear, tear, stains, animal smells or damage)
  • Computers, fax machines, copiers, or printers
  • Fuel, gas, kerosene, oils, tiki oil
  • Fertilizer
  • Out of season holiday décor
  • Pet items
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Toilets
  • Pianos
  • Computer Armoire
  • Media Cabinet
  • TV Cabinet
  • Ladders

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